EdSe 4100 Apprenticeship sites wiki

The purpose of this wiki is to enable you to coordinate your apprenticeship group assignment (you do not have to work in groups, but I strongly recommend that you work with one or more other people at your site so that you can share the workload and also compare the different perspectives that you gain during your time at the school).

To use the wiki, enter your first name and last initial, if you are in section 1 or 2 of EdSe 4100, and the name of your school. As others add to the wiki, insert your name & details underneath people who are at the same school, so that you can start to figure out which of you are at the same school. You can then contact each other if you would like to collaborate with others at the same site.

I recommend that once you have formed groups, you use Google Docs as a tools to share your ideas and to develop the different sections of your project. If you need help with any of this let me know and I'd be happy to meet with you :)

Name (first and last initial), school site:

Jon P EDSE 4100 Afternoon section: Harbor City Intl. School

Maria M. 4100 Morning Denfeld email: macio005
Steve B 4100 afternoon. Denfeld
Kathy B 4100 afternoon. Denfeld
Caleb C 4100 afternoon. Denfeld
Justin J 4100 afternoon. Denfeld (email: jord0077)
Maggie M4100 Morning: Denfeld(email:mull0323)
Lisa Z 4100 Morning: Denfeld (email: zgirl81@gmail.com)

Britney H 4100 afternoon: Carlton High School
Nicky J 4100 afternoon: Carlton High School
Sarah B 4100 morning: Carlton High School
Garnet M 4100 morning: Carlton High School

Michael K. 4100 Afternoon: Duluth East (kant0080)
Debra L. 4100 Morning: Duluth East (email: lind1190)
Erin L. 4100 Morning: Duluth East (email: loug0015)
Leah G. 4100 Morning: Duluth East (green822)
Allison S. 4100 Morning: Duluth East (schm1623)

Sarah K. 4100 afternoon. CENTRAL (e-mail krue0295)

Alex N. morning section EdSe 4100. Ordean Middle School (nord0415)
Kevin P. 4100 afternoon: Ordean Middle School (pilo0024)

Seth H. 4100 Afternoon. Hermantown (hart0726)
Alison J. 4100 Afternoon. Hermantown High School (joel0006)
Rachel H. 4100 Morning. Hermantown High School (haem0004)
Chris S. 4100 Afternoon. Hermantown High School (skogl044)