Individual Sign Up

Important: see our Moodle course site for directions on what to prepare for your final exam with me.

Please use this wiki to sign up for a 15 minute time to meet with me for your final exam meeting with me. If it is at all possible I prefer to meet with you in person; however, especially for the online students, if you cannot come to my office to meet with me then we can meet by phone or on Skype. Directions to sign up for a time slot and to indicate how you will be meeting with me
  1. Click on the "Edit" button
  2. Select an open time slot and type only your first name and last initial under the "Name" column. Please DO NOT delete someone else's name from a time slot that you would like! :) [If this happens, I can see this in the wiki history, and I will automatically delete you!]
  3. Indicate if you are in Section 1 (hybrid) section or Section 2(online section)
  4. Indicate how you will be meeting (state if it will be in person, or on Skype). If at all possible you should meet in person, but exceptions can be made for those of you in the fully online class. If you need to meet with my by phone or on Skype, please email me at hrallis@d.umn.eduto tell me your phone number or Skype name
  5. If you are meeting with me via phone or Skype, I will phone or Skype you at your appointed time (be patient if I run a few minutes behind in calling you -- I will try to be very strict about keeping on time!). If you are meeting in person, my office is in 120 EduE.

I look forward to meeting with you! :)