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Purpose of wiki: The purpose of this wiki is for my students in my Educ 5413 class to collaborate in sharing ideas & questions on issues related to teaching with technology. I have created a list of topic sections related to the areas within our course, but feel free to add your own topics (I suggest using header level 2 for the name of a new topic).

Under each of these topics, enter questions that you have about this topic, comments, and useful tips. To share resources, add these on our separate wiki page at:

Important note to students: This wiki is open to the public for viewing and editing. Thus I recommend that you do not use your official U of M login name or your full name in order to protect your identity. For the purposes of our class use, it would be helpful if you would use your first name so that we know who is contributing to this discussion. Many thanks! Helen M.R

Problems that we've run into --and solutions where found!

This section is to record the issues and problems that we have run into in our 5413 class. We'll keep a list of the problems. Please use this space to share your ideas on how the problem might be solved. Educ 5413 students, add your initials so it's easy for us to see whose ideas are whose. Thanks! Helen
  • USB won't work on keyboard slot (not enough power). Solution: insert USB in slot on at the back of the computer. (HMR)
  • Podcast quick time file can't be downloaded -- we get message asking us to install QuickTime. If you don't install it, the file won't download (even though we don't need Quick Time to listen to it, as we can listen in iTunes). Solution? Try going to apple website and installing latest version of QuickTime.
  • I bought the new ipod shuffle. I have been using it with music for about a week but it does not show up in 'my computer' so I can put files on it like a USB drive. I have only used it with itunes so I was wondering if anyone knows what I have to do so I can put other files on it from my computer.
  • For the ipod shuffle problem, you might want to connect it to the USB drive then go to the my computer icon and right click and click on properties then go to hardware, then device manger and find the USB icon and update driver. (Kyle S)
  • *In order to to get the new ipod to work, I had to open itunes and select an option button on the bottom right. I then had to select enable disc use to allow it to hold files other than music files from itunes.(Monica)
  • I arrived at class and was unable to get into my email. I had to call the Tech Dept. and found out that because of my web page made in Educ 3412/5412, all of my space was taken up and then some. I moved my web page to my jump drive, and my email was opened again. (Sheena)
  • In my blog, I had to change my picture file from .pict to .jpg when I was inserting a picture. Once I went back and "Saved As" my new .jpg picture, it uploaded just fine. (Julianne)
  • I was creating my wiki username and finished and logged out. When I tried to log back in to check it, it told me my username was not recognized. I was using Safari, and it would not let me in, but then I tried Firefox and it worked. It just shows the differences between the browsers. (Sheena)
  • I tried importing some .jpg photos into PowerPoint, but they come up with psychadelic neon colors all over them. (Sam)
  • I tried figuring out how to change the background and change the color of the text, but I couldn't find it. (Amanda)
  • To change the color and insert pictures. Go to manage space on the upper left of your main wiki page. Go to Look and Feel under setting. Here you will find a space to enter in a color code. To get the code go to help on the top of the page. On the help page click main help topics. Scroll down until you find the link to the color codes. Pick the color of the code you want enter it in the space to change color back on the look and feel page from the beginning. If all else fails go back to the main help topics page because there is good information there. (BV)
  • I just finished my me-map power point, but I had some problems:
- I scanned some photos and my scanner would not let me save them - I ended up just copy-pasting them in
- I could not get the video to work. The school computer would not even recognize that I had plugged in my camera. I had to download Quick Time. Again, a save problem. When I asked it to save, it responded that I needed to buy some service first. I copy/pasted once again, hopefully it will work tomorrow
- inserting voice - at first it wouldn't let me insert more than 10 seconds worth. I tried saving the sound files inder different names, that seemed to help.I put in sound by going to insert sound and recording. I do think there is an easier way, but I did not discover it until I was done. If you go to Slide Show record Narriation, you can continue talking and clicking through the slides. The nice feature I found is that it does not start your voice until you are on the correct slide. So when you record, you record one long thing, but it plays only when you click to a new slide and you do not have to click any sound icons! (Lisa South)
- My PowerPoint will not work as a Movie in Quicktime. My first title pops up, then my music plays, then my movie plays after the music is done 3 minutes later! I have tried different file formats and even recording the music and it still does not work. Interesting? (Julianne)
- I was trying to record my voice in PowerPoint, and I when I was done recording, I would go to play it and it would only play part of it. I would close it and rerecord and most of the time it would work. Lisa also said that if we name our sounds it seems to work. I'll have to try it. (Sheena, Patty, Monica)
  • While working on my teacherweb webpage. I tried to load a new 'all purpose' page but both times I ended up having to force quit and close the internet and the page never loaded. I think it had something to do with java.~Monica

Virtual Field Trips

Examples of virtual trips with annotation about use:
  • This virtual trip fully covered the battle in Gettysburg Pennsylvania during the Civil war. It is full of pictures, music, animated war maps, and a lot of information regarding the war and the people involved. I also like that there were even letters included that were written by soldiers during the time of the war. A class could spend days with this site and it would be much more effective for students instead of just reading a text book and answering questions. I think I would come up with a project to be used in conjuction with this site. I would do something like a timeline, a scavenger hunt, and probably have students do some illustrations of their own after exploring this tour. ~Monica
  • "Take A field Trip: visit fun, educational, and interesting locations" This is a website dedicated to listing all different types of virtual field trips social studies teachers can use for free. There are a ton of interesting topics from 1920s farmhouse with pictures from a living history site to a a look at the history of immigration in this country. There are also some world history topics such as Russia and ancient Egypt. I was impressed. I really like this site. (BV)
  • I chose this field trip of the islands of Hawaii because I think it would be beneficial for students if learning about Hawaii. I am excited to find this website, because not only does it show you pictures and tell you about the islands, but it also shows you movie clips and also provides the opportunity to take a short quiz. I think that this would be a great opportunity for students to explore. It is also a website that could be split up between different student groups and having them create a report or do a presentation. ~Sheena
  • This virtual tour is entitled “A Healthy Diet & Exercise: Impact on Wellness.” I chose this tour because it gives detailed information under food intake, nutrition labeling, dysfunctional eating and exercise. In addition, they go into detail about the food guide pyramid, serving sizes, and fitness goals. I believe that all of this could be very beneficial for students to learn because it allows students to use technology to learn how to take care of themselves. This is very important because healthy children are able to learn faster and retain a greater amount of information.
  • This site has a couple of links to virtual tours of places in Costa Rica. What a great way to see how something really looks! I think sites such as this could fire students up about traveling, and help get over fears of the "unknown" by showing them exactly what things will look like! Lisa South
  • This site is a very interactive one that lets you search almost any college campus around the country. Once you have found the campus of your choice, you can begin your tour. I chose the University of North Dakota and the tour went around campus showing each building giving brief info and the name. Then the tour would continue on the campus map to the next building or area on campus which was very interesting. Brady Salay
  • Virtual New York City Tour Here is a neat site which takes you on a virtual tour of popular areas in Manhattan, NYC. It also gives a bried desccription of the background of the area. I think that this site could be applicable to a geography class. It could also help students learn about the places in NYC that are commonly talked about on the news. -Sam
  • Virtual Glacier National Park This tour takes you through Glacier National Park. It requires RealTime Player. I mentioned on my Wiki how beautiful it is. This park is located in Western Montana. It takes you through the park with audio. I hope you enjoy it!
This is the virtual tour I found. I have no idea what happened to the original entry I made. I know I posted it because I had help, now I can't even find that in the history like I did just this morning. I had a hard time finding a virtual tour for physical education. Maybe I could have used a different term or something. Anyway, I did like the virtual toue this one had about Healthy Hearts. This page also helps teachers make there oen virtual tours. I hope it can be useful to at least one of you. So far, I have found this nothing but fustrating to work with this wiki. All the more reason I have the tendency to stay away from it. I know it can be useful, but my experiences with it, so far, make it really hard to want to continue pursuing interest. Just a needed venting! Enjoy the link!!! PJ


  • How much space do individual users have on free blogs? I wonder if anyone has had experiences with their blogs of being told that their blog is too big, and at what point did this happen?

Comments & tips:
  • Visit our class wiki on blogs at:
  • There's a great example of a personal blog by a group of volunteers who went to New Orleans to help with relief efforts. Their blog is through blogspot, and they have great descriptions, pictures and even video clips. You can see this at; (Helen)

Photo Sharing

Each member of the class reviewed one photo sharing service. The services that were reviewed were:
  • Album Town
  • Fotopic
  • Flickr:
  • Glowfoto
  • MyPhotoAlbum
  • Ringo
  • Shutterfly
  • Sony Image Station
  • Kodak Gallery
For details and a complete review, go to our review of photo sharing services in our separate wiki page at:

Digital cameras & digital photography in education


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Online education & course management systems


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Teaching in 21st Century and digital age students


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