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Part 1: In what ways are your students today similar to and different from each other?
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Many same age range
From Minnesota (MN)
comfortable using the web
All want to earn an "A"
Want to get a good job and make a good living
Want an education too
Most live on campus at least first year
Don't understand our jokes
Expect immediate responses via email, phone, etc.
Many don't include their name in their emails or address me
Immersed in technology - Ipods, cell phones, etc.
Few read newspapers...web-based sources of information (Wikipedia, etc.)

Different preferences relative to how they learn
Different family incomes
Different, varied interests outside of class
Childhood background very different
Some transfer students - different investment in the U
Some know six people in class from their high school and some know no one
Increasingly many from outside of the state of MN
Differing backgrounds mean their understanding of higher ed differs greatly
More involved and interested in politics
Bring parents' attitude toward politics and religion, at least at first
Differing parental involvement - some very involved and others very removed

Part 2: How do you take these differences into account when you teach? (list specific strategies/approaches that you use that take these differences and similarities into consideration).
*Don't assume they know things, i.e., what office hours are, what they know or don't know about technology
Multiple modes of content deliver
Need to explain difference or line between working together and doing independent work
Involving students in how we teach, based on their feedback
Multiple modes to disseminate information
Allowing multiple modes for student to demonstrate their competence
Many opportunities to succeed