Group 2:

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Part 1: Think about the students you are teaching right now.
In what ways are their personal lives & life experiences outside of class different from YOURS when you were that age?
  • [School is only a piece of their lives; more central when we were in school. More known dysfunctions in families. Cost of education was not as large a portion of family income. Fewer dual worker families; our moms were homemakers. Current students have more digital toys. More access to information, and accessible. We couldn't agree about whether or not students were more independent/responsible now than for us; depended on the aspect of independence that was being discussed. More students have cars and expect to have much more mobility. Expectations of life style are so much higher. They have more things.]

Part 2: To what extent does your awareness of these differences (between you and your students) influence the ways in which you teach them? (list specific strategies)
  • [Learned not to assume a common knowledge base, e.g., aparteid, grading sheep. Word lists that are used routinely in the discipline might be distributed. Students have so many more things to do, it's not fair for us to expect students to do things together outside of class. Put a lot of material on the internet; students prefer to online vs. paper. Use a lot more video; uTube. Show something from uTube about the author helps get them interested in the reading material. Students don't know how to discriminate among sources; so give them a rubric for evaluating sources. Students feel more pressured, so try and create a different type of climate which means (to this faculty member) stying away from technology and having them listen to each other more.