Group 3:

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Appoint a recorder who will take notes (using this wiki) on your group's discussion:

Step 1: In what ways are your teaching practices today similar to ways in which you were taught when you were a college student?
  • Essay exams, lectures, labs, final exams, analytical essays, reading books, solving problems, having textbooks and other references, library assignments, class length and credits, class sizes and layout, shape of academic calendar, grading system

Step 2: How do your teaching practices today differ from the ways you were taught as a college student? (list very specific differences in strategies that you use)
  • more frequent written exercises now, oral exams then, more supporting assignments now and more ways of evaluating, more interaction with the instructor, more individual attention, different resources (web), awareness of and attention to diverse learning styles, computers and software (animations, MSWord grammar check), more cooperative now/ isolated then, more cultural diversity of students in terms of race and class, higher demands from students, more of a sense of obligation for students' success, students' sense of entitlement/access, more job-oriented now (change in the anticipated place for a college graduate, the rewards of a college education), actual material of the course has changed

Step 3: What has caused these changes?
  • technology, accountability for higher education, more knowledge about learning, national understanding of cultures has improved, more tolerance of difference, attention to social justice issues over time, different demographics of who is coming to college (age, economics), faculty is more aware of and trained in pedagogy and multiple intelligences/cognition, student evaluations of teaching and the use of those evaluations in decision making