Jigsaw Group 3

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Step 1: Share the findings of your base groups with each other:

As you listen to the changes in teaching practices that are suggested, each one of you make a note of those that you, individually, are currently using and those that you are not using right now, but would consider using in your own teaching (assuming that you could have the necessary training/support in helping you learn any additional skills that you may need in order to implement these strategies).

Step 2: Appoint a recorder. On the Jigsaw 2 Wiki for your group:

(a) List the strategies that your group members have listed as currently using
  • [multiples ways of delivery, multiple ways of students showing knowledge, getting feedback from students, additional measures of assessement, cooperative learning groups (in class), experiental learning, uTube,

(b) List the strategies that you would consider using in the future (based on what you have learned from others):
  • [podcast, utube videos,creating an alterntive classroom environment, incorporate rubrics for evaluation of online resources