Sharing our strategies: Combining Our Ideas

Strategies that we are currently using:

  1. lectures
  2. essays exams
  3. don't assume common knowledge
  4. wider range of evaluation tools
  5. strategies for coping with independent vs collaborative work such as providing examples of work that is acceptable, use for formal proofs but asking students to list the name of others with whom they have worked
  6. provide expectations or models of what constitutes a well done assignment; less group work outside of class--or different types of group work; provide content in a variety of ways; types of class notes vary (e.g., providing outlines or complete notes, etc.)
  7. expect students to be able to access information easily
  8. discussion groups
  9. teach theory and practice
  10. instruction on what constitutes group work and what is plagiarism
  11. put notes on the web
  12. use multiple modes of teaching
  13. learning how to critique web sources
  14. phase lecture to prevent audience burnout (yawning)
  15. multiples ways of delivery, multiple ways of students showing knowledge, getting feedback from students, additional measures of assessement, cooperative learning groups (in class), experiental learning, uTube,

Strategies that we would consider using in the future:

  1. Legitimizing collaborative work but accounting for collaborative work
  2. asking students to get information on their own rather than provide it to them
  3. use a wiki for collaborative work; critique web sites using CARS and providing link to this rubric (credibility, accuracy, etc.)
  4. evaluating the class frequently--e.g., what have you learned this week? Not just relying on mid-term evaluation; random use of reflection papers/1 minute papers
  5. create a more story-rich environment
  6. students' stories, not just teacher's stories;
  7. standing on head
  8. grammar by interpretive dance
  9. in-class, participatory experiments ("determine which are oil seeds")
  10. go out and find examples, and bring to class for discussion
  11. write "why I don't want to take this course"
  12. podcast, utube videos,creating an alterntive classroom environment, incorporate rubrics for evaluation of online resources

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