• Brookfield referenced Ira Shor in his example, “Respect the Voice.” This article http://www.lesley.edu/journals/jppp/4/shor.html written by Shor addresses critical literacy and my favorite section was, ” Shor writes, “Critical literacy thus challenges the status quo in an effort to discover alternative paths for self and social development.” I am interested in this approach as it broadens the possible application of critical reflection from just education to the development of a literacy for using critical reflection in the private and public arenas. mml
  • Brookfield mentions Freire a few times in reference to democratic education. He is a very interesting chracter. You can read about him here http://www.infed.org/thinkers/et-freir.htm . I'm interested in hegemony and how it works, or better said, how to work through it. I read his book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, several years ago and I’ve been encouraged by the Brookfield readings to go back to it. The site is infed (the informal education homepage). It’s a not for profit encyclopedia with lots of entries about authors concerned with critical reflection, dialog, democratic schools, etc. mml
  • I found this article at the Sage Publication/Journal of Transformative Education, http://jtd.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/1/1/58 . This article is authored by Jack Mezirow; he has been developing a theory of transformative education over the last several decades. I am interested in this site as it pertains to critical reflection on education and beyond. In addition, reading Mezirow appeals to my interest in democratic education and Paolo Freire. I read somewhere during my search that Meziro was a ‘student’ of Freire’s. mml

Cohort 11 Critical Reflection Wiki

Here we go…
The purpose of this assignment is to discover perspectives on critical reflection from a variety of sources, related to your specific fields. The assignment is to post three annotated links to websites that illustrate the importance of critical reflection in your field, or educational practice.

What does "annotated" mean? Describe the website in 2-3 concise sentences--what is the general nature of the link, and how is the relevance of critical reflection demonstrated? Add a sentence to indicate how you might use the information from the link in your work.

Suggestions for searches? Go to google.com and use words like critical reflection, critical pedagogy, critical theory, transformative (or transformational) learning, and reflective practice, and pair these words with your field (e.g., if you type in the four words: athletic coaching critical reflection, google will take you to sites that address that topic)

Please post your links during this next week. In the following week (or sooner, as your time allows), go into at least 2 links others have posted, read them, and comment on ideas, suggestions, or applications that stood out to you.

This list will get pretty long...a suggestion for making it less chaotic is to start your post by typing in the name of the topic of the link--that way others will know if yours is one that relates to their work.

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